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The ultimate guide for building a good advertisement.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Before jumping deeper into advertising it’s important to understand the difference between Advertising & Marketing.

What's Marketing?

Marketing is planning and includes the plan for creating awareness for businesses and purchasing strategies to buy their product / Service.

What's Advertising?

Advertising is the process of creating a convincing & motivating message to the audience from businesses to buy their product / Service.

Awareness- Helps in building a brand presence over-competitive market.

Launching new Product / Service- Help in selling the product / Service within the market.

Educating- Providing knowledge about your product/service how it can be easing their life.

Convincing- Comparing your business/ product/ service with your competitors & try to convince them that you are better than them.

Reminding- Recalling the audience about the product/ service after a long break / after necessary outbreak.

There is a different type of ADVERTISEMENT for a different objective.

Here we are going to talk about the subject of advertising, not about different ways like Search, Display or Video.

Bellowed mention is the effective way of communication through advertisement, your question about the advertising subject will be cleared here…

- Informative Advertising makes attention to brands, products, services, and thoughts. It reports new products/services and programs and can instruct individuals about the traits and advantages of new or set up items.

- Persuasive Advertising attempts to persuade clients that an organization's services or products are the best, and it attempts to change observations and upgrade the picture of an organization or item. It will likely impact customers to make a move and switch brands, attempt another product, or stay faithful to a current brand.

- Reminder Advertising reminds individuals about the requirement for an item or administration, or the highlights and advantages it will give when they buy speedily.

- Public Service Announcement

Institutional advertising goes beyond services /products to promote business, issues, places, occasions, and political figures. Public service announcements (PSAs) are a classification of institutional advertising concentrated on social-government assistance issues, for example, drink and drive, Drug usage, and rehearsing a sound way of life. Normally, PSAs are supported by nonprofit organization NGO & Charity clubs and government offices with a personal stake in the causes they advance.

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- Emotional Engaging Content

Companies & organizations use this type of content in advertising & Marketing their product. Nike Is the best example. Nike motivates people toward sports or for a healthy living being. By that kind of advertising whenever anyone thing of getting into sports/ life fitness they will recall Nike and end up buying related products from Nike. A good way of marketing don’t you think so. But it needs to be done in good sense without hurting someone feeling and pointing someone personally.

- Way of telling stories.

There are different ways of telling your story to your customer to influence them to buy your products/ Services.

- Directly pitching your Product.

- Sharing some emotional Story for your product / how it can be useful to them.

- Detailed explanation about your product/ service.

The most effective one is Detailed Story with some emotional touch towards your product/ service.

The Key to effective Advertisement

- Proper selection of Medium of Communication

The last step is very important before publishing your advertising. It is about where you will find your targeted audience which marketing funnels will work best for your business. Publishing advertisements without understanding the proper mediums can lead businesses nowhere. So, before making your advertisement live marketers need to understand the presence of the targeted audience.

We know that it will give you an idea and make you feel ease in planning your new Advertising Campaign.

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