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How to use Social Media Marketing for business in 2020

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Firstly, let's understand what is Social Media Marketing & which Social Media Platforms to use in 2020?

Hello Everyone, I'm Ashish From The Brand Ads. I'll be helping you to understand these Social Media Terms & Platforms. Also helping you out in making Social Media Marketing Strategies.

What's Social Media?

BIn simple words, Social Media Platforms is a Social Network in which anyone can sign up themself's and become a part of their network. Share their thoughts by posting Text Content, Images Content, and Video Content. It can be seen by anyone within that particular Social Network. Businesses use Social Media Platforms for attracting customers and collecting like-minded audience for sales.

Social Media Platform to Focus on in 2020

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, etc.

What's Paid Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing means showing our sponsored Image or Video ads to our targeted audience by leveraging some space on the Social Media Network. Brand Awareness, Increasing website traffic, and leads Generation are the prime motive behind Social Media Marketing. For which businesses has to pay to social media platforms.

After a clear understanding of Social Media, Social Platforms, and Social Media Marketing. Lets Jump on to How to Use it for your Businesses.

There are certain questions before planing any Social Media Marketing Plans.

- What Is Your Basic Objective?

Leads, Brand Awareness, Website Traffic, Store Traffic, Leads Generation, or any other.

- Which Marketing Platforms will work best for your Business?

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or any other Social Media Platforms.

- Who will be our targeted Audience?

Define your audience on the base of Age, Gender, Location, Interest, Income, Behaviour, and more detailed options available while targeting.

- How you would like to show your ad?

Single Images, Multiple Images, or Video Ads this depends on the business. According to us, Video Ads are more effective and convincing.

- How much amount to spend?

It totally depends on the business objective behind the campaign.

After answering this list of questions any business will get a basic idea about how their campaign will be and what will get for the particular campaign.

The Brand Ads, Advertising, and Marketing Company is the pioneer agency helping businesses in making their adverting and marketing them into proper mediums. Many businesses don't have sufficient team to take care of these things, they hire an agency to do this on their behalf and get fruitful results.

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