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How to Market Business in the Downturn (Crisis) "Pandemic".

"Short but valuable content for those who are wrong track".

How to market your business in crisis
How to market your business in crisis

Should Business Pull out their Marketing Campaigns? This's the biggest question for most businesses right now.

Because the situation of the market is unpredictable in crisis & campaigns might now work as per your Marketing Goals.

It's better to change your marketing campaign motive and try to give value in the best possible ways.

But remember,

It's always good to at least be at the side of your community rather them leaving them unsupportive in a downturn. They will remember the Brand value and it will help in making their purchase decision later on.

The crisis can be fixed over a period of time, but a bad Brand Value will completely lose control of purchasing decisions over a period of time.

Hard time doesn't mean leaving your loyal ones alone. Temporary things will be fixed but the value which you gave them will be remembered for long.

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"In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path - the path of compassion, courage, understanding, and love."

-Amit Ray

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