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How to Advertise to build your Castle (Business).

If you have dreamed once to build your castle than build it. Don't stop because of hurdles. There are 1000 other ways to solve your problems.

This blog is for everyone how is running a business or starting their own venture. There are some essential things that need to consider while advertising your business.

To grow your business you need a proper marketing strategy for the smooth running of your business/ venture.

There are four main factors to have a successful business.

  1. -Finance

  2. -Marketing & Advertising

  3. -Management

  4. -HR

HOW to advertise? What point to be kept in mind while Advertising?

We will try to clear out this question in this blog.

There are four main factors that need to be taken care of while Advertising.

  • Understanding your product and niche.

Before advertising anything there is the main point that needs to understand very clearly.

For whom your product is for & what is the behavior of your Niche. This will give you a rough idea about the advertising content and you can go further after considering this point.

For example:-

If you are a toy manufacturer. Ask some basic questions to yourself.

For whom it is a manufacture?

Answer- Kids & Primary School Boys.

Who buys this product & mostly from where?

Answer- Parents buy this for there kids and mostly from malls or toy shops. Now also from Online Websites.

  • Selecting proper Marketing Medium.

After understanding the product and your niche behavior try to analyze which is the best marketing medium. there can be offline and online means.

Let's continue with the same example:-

For targeting malls and toy shops, you can advertise on billboards near the mall area of your city, near toy shops in your town with a high budget you can go for a TV Advertisements on cartoon channels/Kids Channel on preferable time. And for online you can target social media platforms on which parents are highly active like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

  • Combining your Product with Emotion.

Now there will be the best part of the advertisement. How to make it sound perfect for your customers?

You have 2 clear things in your mind. Details about your product and behavior of niche & proper marketing medium. Now using this understanding you can make content that is mixed well with Emotions.

Continuing with the example:-

Toys are mostly for kids which give them a Joy, Happiness & they see themself in that character while playing and makes them feel superior. Secondary parents can give there kid a toy and they can finish there work simultaneously. So the basic point of view from this example was combining the product with the emotion with a kid and the parents which help them in making their purchase decision stronger.

  • How it will give value to customer life.

The last but the main thing which you can add to your advertising is showing them the value. Which will really make there purchase decision stronger.

For example:-

The best childhood memorize will last forever and with these car toys, you will make it memorable till your last breath. If you have heard that many a time we see your childhood photos and we always remember our best Toys, our favorite clothes. We always mention our best toys, Clothes & every memorable thing which has played a huge role in your childhood.

We hope that you will use these above mention point carefully in your Marketing & Advertising Campaign.

To know more about Marketing & Advertising, reach us.

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