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Google Green Flag May 2020 Core Update

Danny Sullivan From Google retweeted on 4th May, saying about this update.

These is the second update of the year 2020 MAY THE FOURTH, first google updated their algorithm in January 29, 2020. "Google Search Patent Update".

Google says that there is nothing new in this update it is totally based upon the past updates.

"Content Wins" means Quality & Informative Content will rank for the related search query.

But, you will see down fall or the up rank after this update. If your site is performing well now then it is clear that your website content is doing well and it is more relevant then your competitors. on other side if your website got derank then it is clear that your content is not trustworthy and not value able to the audience you are targeting. Better you rewrite your web content to rank well.

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Google tries to make it simple by giving example-

Think if you have made a list of Best 10 movies in year 2005 which is ranking well. But after that to the current date there are many movies which are released which are the best then the list you have made. So there will be change in the list. Similar to this latest core update is rolled out. It will take around a week to roll out properly.

For a better ranking everyone should take care of Search Quality Rating.

So, for SEO Experts and the Beginner's this will be the "Guidelines" to follow. For a better result.

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