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Content writing for business Website & social Media Markting. C's a king

Content is king. It has the power to build a brand. Businesses nowaday's taking care of.

Content is a king, It's good to be a King.

Content writing is a very wide topic, which includes Website Content, Social Media Platforms, B2B Letter, Advertising Scripts and many more.

Tip for Social Media Marketing

80/20 Rule for writing content for Social Media Marketing.

20% Content should be just for Brand Awareness and 80% of the Content should drive customer/ Visitor toward conversion funnels.

Note- It should be done creatively. Give visitors value-added content in the best possible ways.


You are Sports retailer, Selling & Manufacturing your own sports equipment & you want Facebook Organic Posting.

Out of 10 Creative Post:-

7-8 Creatives should be your Product Post's featuring Product uniqueness.

Eg. You are a Bat manufacturer selling bats. So, you can show Grip. and the curve of your bat which is giving the real power to your Batting strokes. Landing Page link should be in bio, till you don't have features like swipe up. linked to your website / and 3rd Party Online Selling Website on which you are selling on.

3-2 Post Should be purely related to the Emotional Game.

Nike and other MNC do it every time in there best ways. Showing the emotional feeling towards their Product.

Tips for Website Content Writing

There are certain tricks to be kept in mind while writing content for business websites.

Firstly, We should have a clear idea about the audience. Better you understand your targeted audience you will have a clear idea about the content.

Write simple sentences for better understanding. Follow the Inverted Pyramid, Don't narrow down your content from the beginning. It will be better if you stick to Active Voice. Don't use jargon, Jargon itself is a Jargon -_-. Don't tell what you do, Show them.

We hopefully, understand that after reading this you will have basic knowledge on how to write content for Website and Social Media Marketing of businesses which can drive organic sales to your business.

Hello, Everyone Be Safe, Wash Your Hands & Stay Hygiene. Eat Healthy Food.


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